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My interest in the arts began with the illustration in children's picture book and the Japanese cartoons. When I was young, I insist that all the objects in the world have human beings -

They can think, they can talk, they will feel happy, then they smile, they will feel sad, then they cry.

So, this feeling become my initial idea of my work, which means all the things can be anthropomorphized.

This project includes four titles: Flower Fairies of the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. And each flower fairies has its own little story but it is the illustrations. And the main point of this project is trying to remind people think more about the natural. Not only about the plants but also including the animals. They can have all the same emotions as human. When you walking around the natural, you can hear their voice, "We are same as you, and we are a part of the world."

MA authorial Illustration show


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