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Judith MacGregor

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To define my practice is to limit myself, there is no consistent path, only meanderings of an imaginative mind compelled to help others through the use of my art. Initially I sought out children's book illustration during my MA. As time progressed, I realised this wasn't enough for me. Not only that, but where is all the fun stuff for adults? I turned my mind to hospital art and the more I enquired the more I found plenty for children and not so much for adults. Why? We are all on a journey, many of us feel we know where we are headed but none of us can ever truly know that for certain.Some- times life throws a spanner in the works and deals you a shit card. Sometimes you end up for weeks, months or even years in a hospital bed and have only your imagination or your surroundings for escapism. Lately I feel obliged to improve on those surround- ings because sometimes we all could do with a gentle nudge into our childlike minds and because staring out on to a sea of beige, or NHS blue isn't terribly exciting.


To roam free as though roaming in a Henry Rousseau painting, to hike in a tropical South American Jungle, to feel the breeze against our faces whilst at the beach, to walk through a park full of palm trees and flowers. To be lost in a thick Scottish pine forest. I want people viewing my work to be taken away from their troubles for a few moments so that where they are isn't so scary. I seek to bring a few of my own me- anderings to others, to allow them to take a short journey and a time-out from any troubles they may be enduring.
Instagram: judypeg
Facebook: Judith MacGregor Illustration

MA authorial Illustration show


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