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What Does My Work React To?

It reacts to limitless possibilities by simplifying key factors, finding endless field of possibility within e.g. b/w, print, green scale, edge of figuration.

The work exists on a train of thought that moves in phases. The phases usually begin with

a catalyst. The catalysts can be books, especially specific quotes and they don’t have to be figurative or objective. They could also be catalyzed through music – the way that composition in music is analogous to image making is something that deserves further investigation.

The phases can only be fully appreciated when received as a series of pieces.

Ester Leslie in her essay ‘Traces of Craft’, asserts that ‘The best listeners [according

to Walter Benjamin] are the ones who have forgotten themselves, and while their half conscious minds are engaged in pot throwing, spinning and weaving, and their

bodies are seized by a gentle rhythm of work..’.

The work avoids allusions to specific contexts, places, issues and communicates through

a quiet process of evocation. It is less about specific phenomena and more about the poetics of the moment. These moments are revised and given form through the practice of drawing. This facilitates the work to loop and grow so hopefully work can be synthesized.

MA authorial Illustration show


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