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Jia-an lee

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In creating, I worry constantly about making something that means nothing even though I still struggle to find a definition for what constitutes meaningless work and whether or not meaningless work is “bad”. Maybe you don’t know but I am someone who finds a meaning or a sign in anything and everything that crosses my way, as though there is a message made personally for me in the books that I read, in the senseless arrangement of car plate numbers or even encountering the same stranger twice in a large overcrowded city. I saw you once at the ground floor of a parking lot and then five months later on a train carriage but we remain complete strangers to each other, passing through for only those few minutes. Is everything chance or does it mean something?


Although it may not matter in the long run, I want to tell you dream tales, stories and narratives that dissolve at the touch into both the realms of reality and illusion. Fleeting dream tales because I believe in those short and temporary moments where you feel safe believing in something. Before all of it disappears, like slowly waking up from a dream to the same sunlight through the same curtains. I want to create a space within my works where you’re able to feel suspended in time, like you’re walking through a dream but you cannot be sure, and you’re safe here even though nothing appears the way that it should. I’m still trying to understand how I got to this point, seeing signs everywhere and still needing them. I don’t know if you’re the same but if you are and can find your own message in my works, I hope you can also find your way along to the next morning.

Instagram: j.anlee

MA authorial Illustration show


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