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My mission is to make life stand still so that I can examine it,

try to understand it from a variety of different angles, touch it and taste it.

I want to create different circumstances in which I can be a watcher of life

and of human experience. I want to infiltrate settings, become part of the

everyday, participate enough to be overlooked, to take things slowly in.

For two years I have been helping people who are in the end stages of dementia.

I draw the images which haunt me, and I trap moths.

It helps.

Images of people suffering are sensitive

And so I cannot show my drawings to you.

Instead I can tell a story of a moth which steals a baby girl

and carries her through the darkness

to another world.

This world is the inside of another person’s brain:

that of an old man in the end stages of dementia.

MA authorial Illustration show


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