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Imogen Lacey

Taking a walk alongside an exhibition that doesn’t exist yet. It is quiet. There are words, there are images. The words and the images want to be elsewhere, they are interested in the digital world. 

This is not the digital world, but of course it always is, it is inescapable now. We are pulled in lots of directions.

The exhibition forces you to be in two places at once. It makes you aware of your immersion in multiple worlds.




I am an image, are you an image? Where can I go to see your images? To see you. Your body here is not you. 


It’s not about instagram but instagram is an example of it. You know what I mean.


Please take out your phone and take a photo. Please put it in your instagram story. Please tag my name. This exhibition wants to exist where the other pictures go. Otherwise it will feel inadequate and not really alive. 

The same can be said for you and me.


When you photograph this you are making a new work. It is now our work. 

When you put our work on instagram we are bigger than just each other. 

The work is bigger than here.




This part, no pictures please. Please put your phone on airplane mode and put it away in your bag. Please, one at a time, take up these books. Please touch them. Please smell them. There is something here that cannot be photographed. You are alone with it. 

We are alone together.

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Instagram: @imogenlacey

MA authorial Illustration show


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