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I am Obsessed.

Obsessed with Detail,

Obsessed with symmetry,

Obsessed with ritual.

Obsessed with creating things that act as a positive product

of a condition that lies rooted in anxiety and stress.


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a relatively common condition which effects

people in varying degrees of severity, I am one of these people. I wish to use this exhibition to illustrate and educate, to visualise something that exists in the mind

to attempt to instill a level of empathy in its viewers.


The feelings of anxiety in an OCD sufferer only dissipate if they are able

to perform a certain ritual, if they are unable to for any reason anxiety begins

to manifest itself, the world is warped off kilter and just isn’t quite right.


The mandala, a symbol for existence as a whole relies on symmetry and

illustrative ritual as an intrinsic part of its final appearance. By twisting, turning

and manipulating the order of its design I hope to create a visual representation

of stress, dis-ease and discord.


I aim to illustrate the sickness that so many live with and so little understand.

MA authorial Illustration show


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