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Fishes’ from Lost in the Lost Gardens of Heligan:

Observations by the Happy Wanderers.

Brown: Look at that one! That’s beautiful

Pink: Eh?

Brown: Look at that one with a black back and orange tummy

Pink: Oh yeah, yeah

Orange: Fishes! Fishies! Fishes!

Brown: Is it goldfish?

Orange: I can’t see yet

Pink: They’re young

Brown: They’ve all disappeared

Pink: Yeah

Brown: They’ve all gone that side haven’t they

Orange: It could be

Brown: Can you see that one there with a black back? 

Orange: There’s a paler one there look. There’s one look!

Brown: Yeah

Orange: They’re not hiding, there’s loads of them!

Brown: They’ve all hidden over here

Orange: They’ve headed this side for the sun

Pink: [Laughs] They like the sun don’t they

Dark Brown: There must be something over here because they’re all over here aren’t they

Orange: It’s warm here, standing

Dark Brown: This is what I meant about the pumps

Brown: Oh I see

Dark Brown: The pumps water up from the pumps way way way down there

Brown: Oh I see

Dark Brown: Gorgeous

Pink: Fishes! Get the fishing rod out

Blue: There’s an idea!

Orange: Yeah!

Blue: We could come fishing here

Bright Orange: Yeah, yeah! [Laughs]

Dark Brown: There’s loads of them over this side

Orange: I think there’s a few there aren’t there, one, two, three, four, five

Pink: Different colours

Blue: Where are the chips?

[All Laugh]

Pink: Where’s the chips!

Orange: Trust you to say that

Blue: I want chips with my fish


MA authorial Illustration show


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