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There is no space for modesty in this establishment. 

Many things can be colossal as just words, and those don't take space - they do however take time, which we don't have either. Therefore make sure each shapeless thing you make onto some thing is a colliding conversation/ a potentially fatal assumption/ a pivotal event of existence being superior to non-existence.

After a lengthy research I freed myself of clutter - there is only one proven evil

inart-making, which is anything that distracts.*

There aren't any rules saying art must be visceral, guttural, grotesque, but outpouringsof genuine emotion are never not so - if your art isn't so, then what is it?**

Spreading colour around the megalopolis is a violation of the rule of sobriety and you take that into your paper, what do you call it? Things that burn.You cut a mind from head and it flies away like a bird, what do you call it? Thoughts that burn.



*Wagner and Nietzsche were noisy intruders I threw out the concert hall.

** you two can come back if you promise to behave.

MA authorial Illustration show


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