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Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy - Image for Brochure .jpg

You are staring at the parameters of a screen


trying to view an episode of a sitcom


a separate browser window jolts open


it suggests a program called Soft Content


normally you ignore anything suggested via internet ads


they are illogical, stupid, designed to waste your time and money


but this one is different


it makes sense  


not in the way that a sum makes sense


but in the way that a colour you like does


it just lands


the instructions are clear


keep filling the digital box provided with content


once a day


upload something


don’t stop


watch as the edges of the box remain unchanged


watch the content get swallowed and converted into pixels


hours and days become obsolete


the urge to create soft content takes its place next to hunger


something engrained


the only error is to stop.

MA authorial Illustration show


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